Friday, September 28, 2007

Renovated House in Historic Center near Ermita

This was a mid-century modern house that we have totally renovated and it's now on the market at $380,000 usd.

It is a very versatile house with an open floor plan and lots of natural light and ventilation from skylights and windows. It has an open floor plan with many options for up to 4 bedrooms. The way I have it set up presently there are 2 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen with a dining area and a bar area, a more formal dining room with a vaulted ceiling, an office, and two living rooms. But it could have up to 4 bedrooms with their own bathrooms a different use of the rooms. The lot size is about 11 x 40 meters. It is located on 75th street between Ermita and San Sebastian on the South side of Merida's historic center.

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El Portico de la Candelaria

We have put our home on the market for $450,000 usd.

For now you can see the photos here contact us

This is a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom home with beautiful modern kitchen that is the heart of the home. The colonial home has been carefully restored and the modern addition is comfortable and luxurious. El Portico is located on calle 65 4 blocks from the main square. The closest market square is Santiago.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Future Projects

We've got a few houses both colonial and modern that we will be renovating at a much slower rate in the next couple of years. We've done 8 projects in 2 years and we are not taking on any new clients. I'll post some photo's of these projects in the near future.

Update June 2008

We are renovating an extremely charming 18th Century house in the historic center on calle 68. It's just 2 blocks from El Portico de la Candelaria. It should be finished in time to rent or buy this winter. It is very much like our house in Ermita. There will be two bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. There will be a large living room and kitchen in the front of the house and a smaller lounge on the courtyard. There will be a roof terrace and a garden but no pool is planned.

Next year we will renovate a town house with 2 bedrooms in the Mejorada neighborhood and later a modern bauhaus inspired house not far from Mejorada.